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Angled front view with bag zipped and handles upright.
Angled front view with bag zipped and handles upright.

Kubota - Kubota Senju Ginjo Sake 720ml 15.6%

Kubota Senju Ginjo Sake 720ml 15.6%

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"Kubota Manju " was the very origin of Kubota, which was first created when it was released in 1985.Seeing the transition from manual labor to intellectual labor, the foundation of the Japanese living in the city, he aimed to be "lightly dry.""The sake brewing was fundamentally improved, and at that time, it was not for everyone, but it was clean and light, dry, but it was a mild taste." Thirty-five years have passed since then, in line with the times, pursuing a more "clean taste that goes well with the food."The process of fermentation at low temperatures and high accuracy has been taken into consideration, and the refreshing feeling with less miscellaneous taste has been increased."Also, by making the best use of the function of koji, we created a wide range of flavors while maintaining a clean, clear and clean taste." "Ginjoshu, which makes the usual table a little special with a clean, clear taste and a gentle aroma, gives you a subtle aftertaste and sweetness along with the original taste and sourness of rice in the sharpness that goes down your throat."It enhances the taste and aroma of each season's ingredients without disturbing the taste of the food. At the end of the day, we hope you enjoy "The Same Special."

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  • Volume : 720 ml
  • Country : Japanese

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