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Dassai - Dassai Tasting Three Bottle Set 3x180ml 16%

Dassai Tasting Three Bottle Set 3x180ml 16%

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Dassai is one of the most recognized sake brands in the world created by the Asahi Shuzo brewery which produces only superior grade daiginjo sake. The set consists of 3 elegant 18cl bottles of the brewery's 3 flagship vintages: Dassai 45, Dassai 39 and Dassai 23. The only difference between these 3 cuvées is their polishing rate ranging from 45% to 23% of the residual rice grain. Asahi Shuzo offers you an initiatory journey into the world of the traditional Japanese drink by focusing on the importance of polishing in the making of sake. For the tasting, the brewery recommends to start with the Dassai 45, then the 39, and finish with the 23 whose polishing rate is the most important one allowing the heart of the grain to appear. You will be able to discover the difference between the aromatic profiles whose main characteristics are present but will be expressed in a deeper, richer and more complex way as the tasting proceeds.

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  • Volume : 540 ml
  • Country : Japan

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